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Oh, virginity!

Let's start the list of our stories from this one. Because from this "event" everybody's sexual life starts.

Sexual life is, frankly saying, very important in human’s life. And its beginning – removing the boards of virginity – must be very careful and easy for partners to remember this moment with the words "Oh, it was joy!"

Adults should not turn red and say it is vulgar. If young people are willing to have sex with each other, they will. All recent studies of adolescent sexuality registered a decline of age, the first sexual contact in 14-16 years is considered norm.

So, the pleura or “board of virginity”... Of course, the first time is awful for everyone. Here is the most often things the partners are afraid of. First, the pain of defloration. In order to avoid (or minimize) it a girl certainly need to tell the partner about her virginity, and then feel free to direct his actions - not just with words, but also using her hands.

The second fear is the fear of pregnancy. At a young age, and even for a virgin, the most preferable of all contraceptives is condom. It is good to abstain taking hormonal contraceptives or, at least, to consult on the matter at the gynecologist’s. Condom, besides protection from unwanted pregnancy, can protect against infection, such as a virus, which can be in any partner. Partners should stock up a few items, and it is wise to have a good lubricant. Sex-shops or internet shops always have wide range of such things. With Kiev escort models there is no need to worry about such things – they always have not only lubricants and condoms but also special toys for more pleasure.

Third, both young partners may be afraid of failure, which upset their relationship. But the first time is almost never perfect and successful. Either premature ejaculation or lack of erection does not mean anything. Experience and skill are achieved by repetition. Men and women are able to train and improve their knowledge about sex and bodies.

Of course, it is not allowed to carry out the first sexual experiment "in the toilet on the newspaper». It is necessary to calculate everything so that no one could stop this special event and the attributes of a holiday are flowers, perfumes, starch sheets and so on. Splendid hotel rooms can be reserved by Kiev escort agencies. And slutty Kiev escort girls are young and skillful, experienced and fresh – best variant for virgin boy.

Some champagne is not bad at all, but only if both partners have already tried it and know how not to be drunk.

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