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Bulgarian prostitutes demanded legalization of their profession

The other day in the centre of Sofia protest was held with the participation of local prostitutes, who are tired of the fact that their work has not yet been legalized in most European countries.

The action was attended by about a hundred girls of easy virtue from different parts of the country. They walked around the centre of the Bulgarian capital with banners, which have been put forward one single requirement – full legalization of prostitution in Bulgaria. read more →

Oral services were welcomed long before Christ

Some young ladies tend to believe that non-traditional sex using muscular organ in the mouth is discovery of their generation. But that’s not true.

There is evidence preserved since prehistoric times of materialism, such as shards, tablets and papyrus, which depict "oral love" that naturally suggests that the ancestors have been very willing to experience oral sex long before Christ. read more →

Why is sex considered to be dangerous without love? Part 2

Sex is an act of love

The main thing in sex is the desire for intimacy with another person. Only that person, who has sex without love, prefers to talk about the benefits of free sex and dangers of abstinence. read more →

Why is sex considered to be dangerous without love? Part 1

According to statistics, only 40% of women and more than 5% of men are not ready to have sex without love. This probably means that 95% of men and 60% of women still do this. But is it necessary? What are the consequences of sex without love?

If you follow the Eastern concepts, the sexual desire in us is called the action of sexual chakra located in the genital area and is responsible for sex and reproduction. And love is reflected by heart chakra at the center of chest. read more →

Roman prostitutes killed their children

The shocking discovery was made by British archaeologists during excavations in one of the boxes. They found a mass grave of children, in which there were about a hundred skeletons of infants.

After examining the remains of the building and the surrounding land, the scientists found that centuries ago this place acted as brothel. read more →


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